Ensure your Volkswagen stays a Volkswagen.

Safe, high quality and perfectly tuned to your Volkswagen: With Volkswagen Genuine Parts, you'll be back on the road in safety and comfort following a repair or maintenance, and your Volkswagen will still be 100% original. Volkswagen Genuine Parts has 2 years warranty. 


The energy from the starter battery is the prerequisite for your operational Volkswagen. Strict process guidelines in production, storage and care of the Volkswagen Genuine Battery guarantee that you have the best quality, safety and flawless functionality.


The Volkswagen Genuine Brakes are individually aligned to the motor performance, vehicle weight and maximum speed limit of your Volkswagen model. You can rely on tried-and-tested endurance and aligned braking comfort with minimal wear-and-tear on every journey.

Glass, Light and Visibility.

Enjoy the view with Volkswagen Genuine Parts. To see and be seen is absolutely vital in traffic. Volkswagen Genuine Glass, Wiper Blades and Lamps give you a clear view of everything going on, in front and behind.

Body & Paintwork.

Not only does it look great, it's safe too. Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts are the basic framework of your Volkswagen, and protect you and your passengers from environmental influences and accidents. To ensure that your Volkswagen looks as good as new after a bump, Volkswagen Genuine Paintwork helps to bring back its original shine.

Engine & Gearbox.

Avoid engine damages caused by mixing materials from third-party products and treat the beating heart of your Volkswagen with Volkswagen Genuine Parts. Spark plugs, toothed belts, lubrication or coolant additive: Volkswagen Genuine Parts are good news for engines and gears.

Economy Parts.

Low costs without sacrificing safety and function. The Economy Range is the smart solution for vehicles older than five years. Purchase common wear-and-tear parts for your Volkswagen and save up to 30%*.

*When compared with the corresponding Volkswagen Genuine Parts.


Order Genuine Parts

Are you an independent garage workshop or body repair centre? Order your parts at TradeLink.ie - the genuine parts site for Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Audi and Commercial Vehicles.

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